Can't Buy My Love...

But apparently you *can* buy my friends' love.  It's not that my friends don't like my current Curry Delight, it's just that they are very particular (as am I....although my decisions are a bit more biased than theirs) in approving of the guys I date.  I tend to wear blinders around the guys I fancy, constantly ignoring the sound and sage advice of friends to get over my crush on Nairobi's Poster Boy for Players and ignore the flirtations of cute but scandalous mhindis.  However, I have recently discovered a loophole to gain backdoor approval for said men from the judge-y friends.  Bribery.

I've been talking/seeing/hanging out/whatever you want to call it with Curry Delight for a few months now and at first the friends were Disapprovers.  It's not that they don't like him, he's a snappy dresser and an all around nice guy, but they don't think he's perfect.  However, when he showed up with a bottle of pricey, peet-y scotch (my favorite as well) at Donald Disapprover's dinner and subsequently purchased him drinks at the bar the disapproving looks disappeared.  And when he and his friends treated Debbie Disapprover and me to a weekend of movies, dinner, lounging lazily by the pool, and errand running, enjoyment of his company by Debbie increased and approval was forthcoming.

This said, bribery won't necessarily get you into my affections but if you've already managed to charm your way into my good graces and you're next seeking my friends' approval you now possess the secret to success; drinks, food, and allowing for general laziness while you run errands and we laze about.  Good luck and God speed.


  1. I can be bribed with stories :-)

  2. 1. How does "Curry Delight" feel about his nickname?
    2. Your Africa friends are piss-poor disapprovers if they can be bought so easily. I should give lessons in disapproving of your choices in men ;)

  3. @Wiley What type of fun stories do you want? I can provide those so bribery is unnecessary.

    @Meg Curry Delight is a new nickname created solely for use on the blog. He definitely is unaware of its existence. I'm not sure they're piss-poor; it's more that they just want to see me be happy regardless of their opinion of the guy after the last few crappy months.

  4. I want him to identify and through some medium share fun stories about you!

    Really, the story about him finding out you call him Curry Delight on the internet would be a good start.

  5. @Wiley A) He is unaware that I blog and will hopefully never discover this little piece of the internet and/or figure out that he is indeed "Curry Delight" (Thank you Debbie Disapprover for the inspired nickname.) 2) Fun stories, huh? Are the ones on here not entertaining enough for ya ;) I'll see what I can do to spice them up a bit. Or ask around and see what stories I'm not sharing that I should be.