This MLK Day Vow to Keep His Spirit Alive

While today ends a three day weekend for many Americans and provides a rare opportunity to sleep in on a Monday, this day is representative of much more than many think about or remember.  As a white American I would venture to say that MLK Day does not hold quite the same significance for me as it does for my African American friends.  However, as a human rights activist, I appreciate the work that Dr. King did to break down barriers and move forward the civil rights movement peacefully.  He made a huge impact on America and the country-wide celebration of the accomplishments made by him and other civil rights leaders of his time was a big step in the country's history.  While I know that the US has made significant advances since the days Dr. King stood up and fought for equal rights for all races; tensions obviously still exist.  My hope is that one day people of all races, religions, and social and economic statuses can stand together throughout the world without judgment or prejudice.

"Ditch the degree, pick up the diapers..."

...reads the title of a feature in Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper.  The article interviews three women who have university degrees, a rarity amongst many Kenyans, who have happily decided to quit their jobs and stay home to care for their children.  Their reasoning includes tension of wondering if the baby was ok with the babysitter, a baby drugged by the nanny in order to force him to sleep, higher rates of medical problems when leaving the baby with the househelp, and the discomfort of leaving the child until he is old enough to attend school.

Is it this color that makes me look crazy or what?

Maybe it's the collection of Holocaust and genocide literature littering the coffee table.  Or because when asked for titles for some light airplane reading my list included: Night, Machete Season, and King Leopold's Ghost.  Perhaps it's the fact that I have been known to holiday in death camps and torture centers throughout the world in an ongoing effort to keep the first world better informed about what has and continues to happen outside their bubble.  Or that my roommate and I have a collection of photos of ourselves in front of various human rights sites giving goofy thumbs up poses.  (I should probably explain that we only choose the most appropriate of sites to throw our thumbs up.  We're not celebrating the gas chambers but we do like Eva Peron's tomb.  Because she was cool.  And Schindler's Factory.  You know, because he saved people.) 

Another Year Another List: UPDATED

Does three years make a tradition?  Either way, here comes another list; not of resolutions but of aspirations.  A few things remain the same as I have yet to conquer my fear of heights and take a hot air balloon ride or find a live cheetah to pet.  And I have more than a few new things I'd like to do and places I'd like to see.  Here are this year's goals:

Yet Another Best of Edition

So happy belated new year and all that jazz.  As I think back over the last year I have lots of memories; some good, some bad.  However, instead of dwelling on things that didn't go the way I wanted in 2011, I want to take some time and recount all the good times.  Because, you know, while it's important to take the bad with the good you should always remember how much you have going for you even when the chips are down.  And yes, I know my little stroll down memory lane is a bit belated, but let's just chalk it up to all the traveling and the ongoing jet lag (and not my procrastination in getting around to buying internet airtime).  So even though I have a list of all the wonderful things I remember from the last year, I'm far to lazy to actually upload pictures and post a new slideshow capturing all of the fabulousness in one place.  Instead you can either A) use your imagination or B) click the links I have so thoughtfully included below to enable you to easily relive the greatness through past posts and photos.