This MLK Day Vow to Keep His Spirit Alive

While today ends a three day weekend for many Americans and provides a rare opportunity to sleep in on a Monday, this day is representative of much more than many think about or remember.  As a white American I would venture to say that MLK Day does not hold quite the same significance for me as it does for my African American friends.  However, as a human rights activist, I appreciate the work that Dr. King did to break down barriers and move forward the civil rights movement peacefully.  He made a huge impact on America and the country-wide celebration of the accomplishments made by him and other civil rights leaders of his time was a big step in the country's history.  While I know that the US has made significant advances since the days Dr. King stood up and fought for equal rights for all races; tensions obviously still exist.  My hope is that one day people of all races, religions, and social and economic statuses can stand together throughout the world without judgment or prejudice.

Iconic photo of Dr. King

While MLK, Jr. advanced rights in the US for our African American friends and neighbors, not everyone around the world is lucky enough to have their own Dr. King.  So I ask you on this MLK Day to think about how much better we could make this world, your country, your community, your life if everyone stood up and did something selfless for somebody else.  As honorable as it is to set aside a day to commemorate a movement that made our country what it is today, I urge you to take it a step further.  Take a moment to think about how you can impact your community to make it a better place for everyone to live together.  Go forth and spread hope and love today!  It doesn't have to be something extravagant like spearheading a movement to end discrimination or leading a one-man crusade to end the exploitation and trafficking of African women, but it could be something as small as a random act of kindness or even just taking the time to reflect on your situation and giving thanks for the life you are able to lead thanks to Dr. King's vision. 

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!