Another year gone

To ensure I don't conveniently forget my new year's resolutions I am posting them here so everyone can harass me. I have three major resolutions for the year and some smaller ideas of things I would like to accomplish as well. Feel free to comment or PM me to keep me accountable.

  • I find myself writing less and less these days, even though writing for fun is one of the few creative outlets I Have left. I used to be so crafty, making Christmas ornaments, jewelry, handmade cards, mosiacs, etc. It's hard though, when you're living as an expat, to cart those type of things around or find them where you are living. Therefore, I will write more either here (unlikely) or on my foodie blog (much more likely). 
  • I will learn more Hindi. I would like to become conversational or at least understand a little bit and be able to communicate with the housegirl/drivers. 
  • I will expand my consulting. While I have consistently consulted for World Vision and do some part time work for a school, I would like to do more remote consulting work and will continuously seek out new potential clients. 
Wishful thinking: 
  • Cook more and blog about it. 
  • Plant my kitchen garden. 
  • Make an effort to meet new people. 
  • Grow my social media presence (consulting Facebook page and personal Instagram) as part of my personal brand. 
  • Keep in better touch with good friends.
  • Exercise more patience and be more mindful. 
  • Explore. 
  • Remind myself of what I have to offer and stop selling myself short.