Dating Dos and Don'ts: Why I Don't Date

I was asked recently why I don't date with regular frequency here.  My auto response is that even though I meet a lot of people here I am picky about who I attracted to and the quality of person with whom I want to spend my free time.  However I realized recently this is not the sole reason for my careful choosing of potential dates.

Girls Night In: PJs and Cocktails

Thanks to those of you who posted comments on here or facebook and gave me some inspiration for future blog posts.  Keep 'em comin!  In response to one of the suggestions I received (you are a social butterfly but why not blog about a night in?) here is the first post in my By Request series.


After an incident at my office last week, I am now willing to concede that Americans really do speak another language from the UK and former British colonies.  (No gloating, Graham.)  It took me a good ten minutes on Friday to convey to my Kenyan colleagues that I was in need of a band aid.  Not a cloth bandage, but just a simple sticky wrap to put over the blister forming on my toe.  Finally after showing them the offending toe and acting out what I would like to do to it they determined I was looking for an elastoplast.  Elasto-what? According to Wikipedia (the source of most useless knowledge floating in my head) this is a brand name for a sticking plaster or adhesive bandage.  Both generic terms I would never have thought to use to explain the item I needed.  Perhaps I should work on expanding my vocabulary. 

*The name of this post is stolen from the title of my bestie's blog about life as an expat in the UK.  Check it out here.

Request Line is Open

As it was recently pointed out to me by friends at home and abroad, I have been a slacker about keeping this blog up to date.  This has been for a variety of reasons, but I do admit I have neglected to update this blog as regularly as I would like.  Therefore I'm going to (attempt) to write a weekly post based on all of y'alls requests.  I started this blog before I moved 9000 miles away from home to a new country and culture to let my friends and family see what I see while living abroad so I want to know what you are interested in hearing about.  What do you want to know about Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, or my life in general?  Post a comment and I'll see what I can do. 


For those of you in the know, glamping is short for glamorous camping, which is exactly how I spent my weekend.  A friend invited a small group of us to hang out at the ILRI farm.  The estate is located in Kapiti outside of Machakos, about an hour or so outside of Nairobi towards Mombasa.