For those of you in the know, glamping is short for glamorous camping, which is exactly how I spent my weekend.  A friend invited a small group of us to hang out at the ILRI farm.  The estate is located in Kapiti outside of Machakos, about an hour or so outside of Nairobi towards Mombasa.

Sadly I don't have any pictures to share since mine was taken as part of the Nairobi gangsters' redistribution of wealth project but here are some snaps that my friend Johanna took:

Some of the less lazy of the group went on a run through the farm once we arrived, but a few of us (me included in the non-ambitious runners) went on a short hike.  We spotted a small lake and a group (cluster? band? pack? flock?) of giraffes hanging around and began our way towards them.  Unfortunately our loud clomping through the bush alerted them about halfway to our destination and they made a run for it before we could get too close, but it was still pretty cool despite the regular stops to de-tick.

The rest of the weekend consisted of cooking and eating copious amounts of food and lounging by the fire.  Love me some weekend getaways close to home and with good friends!

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