Camping: Part 2

This weekend I went camping as part of a relay event with the Original Nairobi Hash House Harriers in Kedong, in the Rift Valley, south of Nairobi about an hour along Magadi road.  I maintain this is some of the most beautiful countryside in the entire world.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love living here and being able to hop in the car and be in the middle of this beautiful country, away from the stress and distractions of Nairobi.

A week in the life of Captain Awesome

Habari, my old friend, Weekend!  So happy to finally see you.  It's been a long but good week.  Last weekend extended into Monday as I watched (sleepily and only 2 quarters or so) the Superbowl live at a friends house.  I quickly discovered the commercials were cut and it was all infomercials specific to the Armed Forces station.  I mean that's half the fun, why deprive our service men and women (and their friends) the joy of a mini-Darth Vader or Joan Rivers?  As the game ended around 6 am Kenyan time and there were already traffic jams I ended up going straight to work sleep deprived.  That's the ultimate walk of shame, turning up at work from a long night in the same clothes as the night before, isn't it?  Or is it just called being a trooper?

Settling In

So a month into my move and resettlement in Nairobi and things are goin' well for the most part.  I've gotten a quasi-schedule going in the mornings (those with no power outages) that now includes fresh ground coffee to wake me up for my 45+ minute walk to work.  The bonus of which is a less pasty tint to my skin, learning the back roads of Nairobi, and lots of exercise.  And on those days I'm running late I've discovered that the number 46 bus camps out in Jamhuri picking up the likes of me so that's a relief.

Top Ten Things I Miss About Dallas

Plus a special extra just because of the snow I'm missing this week: 
11.  Random Texas weather
 10. my car
9. drinking water from the tap
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 8. being able to walk outside after dark
7. the lack of blood sucking mosquitoes
6. no rolling power outages
5. sidewalks
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4. my condo
3. Mexican food
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2. my cats
Wylie and Fleur
1. my friends and family

Pants vs. Trousers

Colleague: You wore a dress today?
Me: No, I'm wearing pants.
Colleague: (smirk)
Me: (oblivious)

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