Top Ten Things I Miss About Dallas

Plus a special extra just because of the snow I'm missing this week: 
11.  Random Texas weather
 10. my car
9. drinking water from the tap
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 8. being able to walk outside after dark
7. the lack of blood sucking mosquitoes
6. no rolling power outages
5. sidewalks
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4. my condo
3. Mexican food
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2. my cats
Wylie and Fleur
1. my friends and family


  1. Well Dallas experienced your rolling power outages on Wednesday because the power plants were not ready for the crazy weather. We had three outages and I felt like I was back in Africa except you know, the snow outside.

  2. Do you want me to mail you some tortillas? ;)
    We miss you too!

  3. Yeah, I would feel bad for y'all and your power outages except I've had 4 in the last 4 days over here. And yes, I am always accepting of care packages and tortillas :)