Girls Night In: PJs and Cocktails

Thanks to those of you who posted comments on here or facebook and gave me some inspiration for future blog posts.  Keep 'em comin!  In response to one of the suggestions I received (you are a social butterfly but why not blog about a night in?) here is the first post in my By Request series.

Despite what certain people might think, in my book, this event does count as a night in, even if it wasn't held at my house.  Last weekend my friend planned what I think is an ingenious idea: a pajama dinner party.  Comfort, girly time, and good food; what more could you ask for?  So last Saturday a group of us girls showed up at her Westlands apartment in our jammies (who knows what our taxi drivers were thinking of our attire) while our hostess glammed it up in a lingerie gown number; way to give the rest of us the heads up!

Our fabulous hostess greeted us with Kenyan cocktails (pretty much any drink can be "Kenyanized" with a splash of Kenya Cane) and we jammed out to the ultimate in girliness; a dvd of Beyonce's live performance in Vegas.  Dinner was an impressive three course spread.  I can barely feed myself, much less a dinner party with two dishes per course...I don't know when my friend found the time to cook so much delicious food!  Post dinner we decided on a movie night and watched Cougar something-or-other with Denise Richards and Jim Belushi and the blonde chick from Cold Case.  My new motto is to never watch anything that refers to women as cougars in the title or description.  I should have already figured this much out after seeing an episode of Cougar Town, but live and learn I suppose.  It was a fun night and I had a great time getting to know the other girls better.  And for my curious male readers, I'm sorry to report there was no pillow fight, but odds were posted that I would come in second. 

What fun off beat things do you do on a night in? 

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