New Beginnings

This blog is really all about new beginnings and the reason I started it in the first place.  I know I've been terrible at posting and keeping people up to date with the day in and day out goings on in my life but those things get mundane and it's hard to be creative and want to write after 8-12 hours of recording refugee torture testimonies.  But I'll attempt to be better this year now that I have a bit more free time on my hands since I left my role at RSC. "WHAT?!," you say?  Here's a brief overview of what you've missed:

Travelled to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda for work
Survived Kenyan elections
Apr- Jun: 
Eastered in Samburu
Spent a month in South Africa for work (toured my first winery(ies) in Cape Town!)
Ren (or is it Stimpy?) had an adorable baby girl
R&R'd by touring a Kenyan tea farm, visiting friends in Tanzania, and making an impromptu late night drive to Amboseli
Travelled to Mozambique for work
Turned around and went home to Dallas for a few weeks
Celebrated my birthday in style
Went back to Rwanda for work
Made the most of my couple of weeks in Nairobi with Zappy Hours and a weekend trip to Naro Moru
Went back to the Kak(uma) for work
Survived Westgate scarred but unscathed
R&R'd in Mauritius
Celebrated EVERYone's engagement (I mean seriously, 9 people popped the question in a matter of weeks)
Sent Jon back to the States in true Sijui Safari style
Went back to South Africa for a month for work (and squeezed in a shark diving excursion)
Celebrated Thanksgiving, Jana & Elliot's wedding, and Anil's birthday in Tanzania
Travelled to Dallas for the holidays
Ren and Stimpy were reunited at Christmas in Florida
Got back to Nairobi just in time to ring in the New Year at home with Anil

So what's next?  Well, after a crazy year of back to back work trips to eight countries with little downtime, I decided to call it quits.  My last day at RSC was last week and while I know I'll miss my colleagues and interacting with the refugees, my mind and body need a rest.  I plan on doing some consulting and setting up a foundation (more to come on that later!) with my free time and, most importantly, travelling for pleasure. 

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