Another Year Another List: UPDATED

Does three years make a tradition?  Either way, here comes another list; not of resolutions but of aspirations.  A few things remain the same as I have yet to conquer my fear of heights and take a hot air balloon ride or find a live cheetah to pet.  And I have more than a few new things I'd like to do and places I'd like to see.  Here are this year's goals:

Fun times yet to be had:
. Explore more than the South Africa airport
Fingers crossed!  This trip might finally happen; I am scheduled for a circuit ride with work to Joburg, Capetown, and Durban in August. While I can't say I'm disappointed that I was seconded to UNHCR Nairobi during the time I would have been in SA, I am sad this is a still pending item on my list.
. Have sundowners in the Ngong hills
Done and done: 3.3.12.  Many a drink and sundowner were imbibed during a weekend at Raha Mstarehe.

. Hike Lake Navaisha
I wouldn't say I hiked so much as I wandered down to the boat and glided through Lake Navaisha, but I'm pretty sure that still counts.   "Adam's peacing out on us" trip 6.23-6.24 commenced in Hell's Gate and ended with a boat ride and lunch at Carnelli's on the lake.
. Take a hot air balloon safari
. Pet a live cheetah
. Visit the Serengeti
. Veg on the beach in Zanzibar
. Dip a toe in Lake Victoria
Well a toe wasn't *in* the lake, per se, I am a *little* wary of contracting the bilharzia.  However, I spent Easter weekend 2012 in Kisimu and Kakamega so I did get the chance to dine at the Kisimu yacht club on the lake and I took a lovely boat ride across the lake and chilled with a couple of hippos on Easter morning.
. Track gorillas in Uganda (I don't know how feasible this is since I heard they are raising the already exorbitant price from $500 for an hour with the gorillas to a cool thousand in the new year but if some wealthy benefactor would like to sponsor me for this trip I'd be happy to take lots of pictures and write a detailed blog about the experience!)

Places to go, things to see:
. Trek up Mount Suswa
. Ride a camel in the annual Maralal Camel Derby
. Travel to Manchester to meet baby midget ameringlish
Tickets are booked; I am off to visit Megret, Cheerio, and baby midget 5.12.12!  UPDATED: Visit was amazing and a much needed respite from life.  Shopping, vegging, and sightseeing ensued.  And I saw the Queen.
. Start a new hobby
. Check out Kenya's rainforests
Pictures forthcoming as soon as a couple of slackers send them my way (I'm looking at you Jonathan Elder and Adam Peters!).  Easter 2012 was spent hiking through Kakamega and relaxing by a bonfire at our campsite in the park. UPDATED: So *someone* managed to delete all of his pictures so unfortunately I have none.  Unless Jonathan gets on it and ever shares his with me.  Otherwise you'll have to use your imagination here.
. Safari through Tsavo East
. Let my bud Jana show me the many things she loves about Arusha
Arusha, check!  Megan and I had a little weekend getaway to visit Jana 5.25-5.27.  It was much like the rest of my leave, shopping, vegging, and more shopping ensued.  Pics here.