My Love Affair with the UK: The Liverpool Edition

While in the UK visiting my friend Meg, her hubby Cheerio, and their new addition baby midget last week we decided to hit up Liverpool, home of the Beatles and the International Slavery Museum.  It was the latter that got me all excited for the trip.  (I'm not crazy; I totally like the Beatles, but if you know me or have ever read my blog prior to today, you know my obsession with human rights drives me to do weird things like go on holiday to genocide sites and read about human rights abuses in my spare time.)

While I didn't get to visit the International Slavery Museum, (I blame the Queen) I did learn more about the history of slavery at the Museum of Liverpool.  Pretty much Liverpool was part of the triangle of shame where the Brits sent goods to West Africa in return for slaves who were then sent to the States where the ships returned to Liverpool with goods produced by the slave labor.  And they totally supported the South during the Civil War just to keep their source of cotton and tobacco flowing.  (I still love you, UK, and your fascinating history, despite the atrocities you've committed throughout the modern world.  We'll work through it.)

In other news, here are some pictures from the day:

What is it with the Brits and their ferris wheels?
Sweet old lass heard I was in Liverpool and popped by to welcome me.

I love how Liverpool combines the old and the new architecture; it makes for great skylines.

More of that good architecture stuff.
The Lambananas of Liverpool. I hear that John Lennon is going to return on one....
Me and Meg in front of some water.

The Beatles: they're magical AND mysterious.

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