Practicing Positivity

I love reading blogs; it's my version of reality television.  Many of these blogs happen to be expat blogs because I like to hear about other places people live, why they moved there, and how they adjust to life in those places.  One of my best friends writes such a blog which I love to read.  It's about her life after moving to Manchester, England.  I think she does a great job of giving her opinion without negativity.  It's not always in favor of the UK but it doesn't ever make me feel like I'm reading a ventfest about how terrible things are there.

It amazes me how many other bloggers complain about their lives and how terrible it is to live wherever it is they live.  I know they probably think they are giving their readers at home perspective about how different things are in X country compared to home but in reality it comes across as whining about the place and culture of the location they *chose* to live.  Because, you know, if it's so terrible, there are 195 other countries on earth you can move to that might be better. 

Now, I've had my fair share of issues in Nairobi, but I try not to include them in my blog.  I totally believe it's fair to vent but I think you should even that out with some perspective.  Why do you live here, are there parts about it you *do* like?  If not, then, as my friend Rose said yesterday (somewhat paraphrased), sometimes you need to listen to the signs and pack up and get the hell out: go home or anywhere but there.  It is ok to be done with a place, you just need to realize it before it drags you down into constant negativity.

So, in the interest of perspective, I'm going to practice what I preach:
The increase in daily crime in Nairobi drives me insane.  Just yesterday I was in a taxi when another driver pulled up to warn us that there was a group of guys scoping out our car.  My driver locked the doors and rolled up the windows and we proceeded without incident.  Had we been in heavy traffic, this could have gone much differently, however.  And I happened to be carrying a large amount of cash in order to make a large purchase which made me a bit more paranoid than usual.  However, with as many security incidents that people close to me have endured, this is nothing, but it is indicative of an escalating problem in the city. 
On the flip side, while I am bothered by the increasing crime throughout Kenya, this happens everywhere.  NYC is not safe either just because it's in the US.  Italy is known for its petty crime such as purse snatching and pickpocketing.  I like my job and my company requires me to be based in Nairobi.  I also like being based in a city with some amenities like good food and spas.  I like that I have a group of friends that I can hang out with when I'm in town.  And since I travel for work so frequently the chances of having something happen to me while in Nairobi goes down. 
So what do you think?  Are blogs somewhere people should be able to vent without perspective?  Should a public forum act as a diary?  If you were fed up with your life and living situation where would you move?  I'm thinking Southwest Asia; I hear Malaysia is nice and safe. 

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