Back to Basics

Packing is always a nightmare.  I despise it almost as much as unpacking.  In fact, I only just finished unpacking the suitcases I returned home with in October about a month ago, to the distress of my parents numerous cats.  (They greatly enjoy having them laying about for their kitty games.) Fortunately I have already packed once for such an adventure and know a few things I can leave behind to leave space for  much more important items; such as tortillas.  And salsa.  Eight months without the joy of authentic Mexican food was long enough.  I wonder if customs confiscates such delicacies?

My cat, Fleur, overseeing the packing process


  1. Bring the kitty to NBO as well!!!!

  2. I wish I could! I figured for only 9 months it wasn't worth putting her and her brother through the trauma of transit and quarantine.

  3. Too funny!!!! Can't wait to see you tonight.