The Eagle Has Landed

I have arrived (in one piece!) and am so happy to be back in Kenya.  East Africa is my home away from home. 

I was immediately reminded of the things I don't miss, like being stuck for over an hour in a jam in the airport parking lot because people don't understand the zipper effect, but driving through Nairobi made me think of all the things I did miss about here.  Most noticeably, the smell.  It's not always good, but it does remind you where you are and is definitely distinct to East Africa.  It's like a big Karibu to Kenya kick in the nose.

Anyhow, it is about 2:45 AM in Kenya and I have yet to sleep since I arrived at the guest house, so I will bid my readers adieu with the new found knowledge that I have made it safely across the world while I take leave to attempt to circumvent the jet lag.

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