Hello, Monday, You Fickle Beast

This weekend was my first back in good old Nairobi.  After a day with my ever friendly Skillshare guide, Evans, going over induction material I had some delish Malaysian food at a friend's house before heading out to catch up with peeps at the always memorable Gipsys.  Proving once again that I have returned to an alternate universe where my charm knows no bounds, I was chatted up by a couple of guys.  On second thought, it might be the ratio of single men to women.  I think the odds are definitely working in my favor.  My foray into dating life may begin sooner than expected.  Thinking I had to move early the next morning I called it an early night (for Nbi anyway) and headed home.

In true African fashion I spent my Saturday sitting and waiting on people who said they would be at the guest house at 9 and 10 am respectively only to have them show up at 1:30 and 2:30 pm.  Sadly a move was not in my immediate future and I remained at the hotel, but once the hot water was fixed so I could shower properly again I definitely had no complaints.  It's a super nice place.

Again my plans to move were thwarted Sunday afternoon.  Instead of settling in my new place I headed over to a friend's flat for a lesson in the art of euchre.  I had no idea what this was when I received the invite earlier in the week but it sounded fun and involved beer and leaving the hotel, two things that make me very happy.  The most memorable part of the learning process was a move called "milking the cow," which I still think the guys were pulling our leg about, and took place once your team had a certain number of points.  All in all I'm still not really sure I get the game, but fun was had nonetheless.  From there a few troopers headed out to Black Diamond to hear a bit of live music and that was that.

Today has been yet another day of waiting to hear about the apartment and when I will move.  I expected to go into the office for the first time, but after the move was postponed again Sunday night I was told  that I would just be hanging out at the guest house waiting to move again.  This would all be fine except the hotel staff just told me that there were no longer any vacancies due to the arrival of a new group with actual reservations.  Will I get chucked out on the street or finally move into the promised land?  Stay tuned to find out.

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