Fanny packs...what were they thinking?

Is it the new cool travel accessory or the fad that should have stayed dead?  Seriously, I saw not one, not three, but numerous fanny packs while people watching at DFW and LHR.  Fanny packs; for my non-American, non-geeky friends; are belts with an unattractive pouch positioned over ones waist either facing behind, over one's fanny, or forward, on top of or below one's stomach, with the intent of making the bearer's essentials readily available.  It's a travel accessory targeted to geeks the world over.

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And let me just point out, having it in leather doesn't make it any cooler.  Until yesterday I had mistakenly thought that this unfortunate trend had died its long-awaited death in the late 1980s or perhaps early 1990s.  I will admit to wearing one such monstrosity as a child while traveling during this era.  Happily my mother is not tech savvy enough to scan or upload the pictures if she could even find them in the photo "albums" (read: large cardboard boxes stuffed with decades of photos not labeled or organized in any manner).

I get that somehow the decade that began only 30 years ago is now considered "retro" and I have accepted many of the fads that have resurfaced as temporary insanity and laziness on the part of the fashion industry, however, I will not stand for the resurgence of fanny packs.  This is one trend that should have stayed gone.  I don't care if you are a misinformed child, I will happily rip that hideous accessory right off your body and stomp it to death.  Give me a murse (man purse for those of you outside the loop) any day over a cheap piece of plastic wrapped around one's torso and drawing attention to what may be considered one's "waist" (that too was up for dispute in some of the fanny pack loving crowd).  I should mention the offenders spotted at the various airports were not solely part of the under 10 crowd either, there were several fully grown adults wearing packs that appeared to be free gifts from cruises past, in addition to two gay men who should have really known better.  Take a stand people and save the fashion industry from itself!  Just say no to fanny packs!

And just because I care, here's a a little something for your viewing pleasure: 42 Awkward Fanny Pack Photos.  You're welcome.

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  1. wow. my favorite picture was the welcome to america. I almost died laughing:)