The Neuron Project

So this past year has been a rough one.  As you know, I went through a traumatic event that produced some unintended side effects that have stubbornly lingered on.  I'm not one to talk about my feelings or outwardly express emotion but, in an effort to appease the powers that be (my parents), I spoke to someone about the persistent remnants of this event that I continue to experience.  (I promise my blog is not going to turn into some ooey gooey emotionally sappy space.  I am just giving you a little background of why I am starting this so-called project.) 

So this guy talked to me about how building neurons (apparently this IS possible- partiers rejoice, you CAN rebuild brain cells after a long night of drinking) and new pathways can help get rid of traumatic recollections.  Among other things, he suggested I take up a new hobby to stimulate new areas of my brain that would also be a way to calm the brain when it starts focusing on unwanted memories.

Hippocampal pyramidal neuron doin its thing
Some hobbies I am thinking about exploring include cooking (we've seen how that's gone the few times I've attempted it so that should be entertaining/death defying to say the least), crocheting (it does not involve a lot of supplies and can be taken to exotic locale when I travel for work), yoga (clumsy and uncoordinated should make for an interesting combination), and learning a new language (I haven't committed to any languages yet; I am considering attempting Somali because of the field and region which I live and work or I may just hone my French and Swahili skills instead).  I also considered dance lessons.  Salsa is super popular in Nairobi and I have some friends that take tango lessons, but I decided that since I'm not in town with any regularity that I can't commit to something with a schedule.

Any other suggestions that I haven't thought of yet?

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