Home for the Holidays

One layover and 25 hours later I made it home to Dallas.  I'm still recuperating from jetlag and have spent the last several days getting the basics out of the way (i.e. doctor's appointments and IKEA, Target, & of course Christmas shopping) so I can enjoy the holidays and catching up with friends.

Needless to say my cats (and of course my family) are thrilled by my return.  My mom has been telling them for the last few months that their momma is coming home just to see them and I think Wylie believes her.  He doesn't let me out of his sight and is much more affectionate than he ever was when he lived with me.  I think his neuroses might stem from untreated abandonment issues.  (Yet another reason I should probably never procreate real babies.)

Merry Christmas from Fleur and Bubba!

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