The long goodbye

I didn't anticipate having to give a month's notice at work. However, it does give me two more weeks to prep myself to move nine thousand miles away...or let me ruminate on all the things things I love and will miss the most.

Some of those hit home last night as I had dinner with my Junior League foodie girls. We tried a fabulous new place, Dish, on Cedar Springs (definite must) when I realized there will be no more last minute happy hours or dining out. My new life may be devoid of Mexican food, restaurant openings, and wine bars and yet I embrace it fully. If I could I would drop everything and move tomorrow. However that doesn't seem to be in the cards for me, so instead I will begin to say goodbye to the life I love in Dallas. The "Goodbye Dallas Hello Africa" tour begins immediately and runs through mid to late February. Hope you can make it!

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