Updated 12.28.2010 (and again 12/26/11)
So I didn't make it through the complete list since what I thought would be two years in Kenya/Sudan ended up being a five month experience, but below is an updated version with pictures of each completion.  Most fun I've had trying to accomplish resolutions.

Kenya 2010: The List

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I decided recently that I needed to make myself a must-do list of activities for my time in Africa. Feel free to offer suggestions or, even better, come visit and join in the fun!

. Complete my Masters degree
I should probably sign up for lessons but have picked up enough phrases and words to communicate with a 3 year old or have a very short conversation with a waiter.

. Feed a giraffe
 Giraffe Center 9.12.10

. Explore the National Museum in Nairobi 
 Nairobi National Museum 3.14.10

. Visit the Serengeti in Tanzania

. Ride a camel
 Cairo: May 2010
Mary Anne on a camel on the beach in Mombasa.  Sadly the pics of me on the camel disappeared along with my friend's camera :(

. Walk like an Egyptian
Cairo: May 2010

. Wander the pyramids at Giza
Cairo: May 2010

. Shop the Village Market in Nairobi
Check and check.  Mini-golfing and bowling fun at Village Market.

. Cruise down the Nile
Ok, so no cruising has occurred yet, but here are pictures from my encounters with the Nile thus far.  
 Tributary of the Nile in Juba, Sudan: March 2010
River Nile in Cairo: May 2010

. Climb the pyramids in Sudan

. Swim in the Red Sea

. Track mountain gorillas in Uganda

. Snorkel in the Indian Ocean
(L) The boat to take us to the reef for snorkeling.
(R) Trying to get back on the boat post-snorkeling.

. Pet a cheetah

. Celebrate the big 3-0 African style
 Birthday dinner at Osteria: July 7, 2010

. Attend an African wedding

. Dip a toe in Lake Victoria
I didn't get to spend any time at the Lake but I did see Lake Victoria on my way to and from Entebbe while in Uganda for work.
Sunrise at Lake Victoria: October 2011

. View the great animal migration from the Serengeti to Masai Mara
 Masai Mara: July 2010

. Discover hidden treasures in the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
 Cairo: May 2010

. Watch the sunset over Mount Kilimanjaro
Ok so I wasn't at the right angle to watch the sun set over Kili but here's a pic of the mountain and the sun setting *near* it.   
Amboseli National Park: November 12, 2011

View of Kili at dusk from Moshi, Tanzania: July 2011

. Get over my fear of heights and take a hot air balloon safari

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