Cooking for Dummies

Aaand by dummies, I mean me.  So, as you've probably figured out, I am going to give you a cooking blog today.  This one is for Anonymous Carly (yet again) who commented on my Request Line post. (You too can make the monkey jump.  Just comment here, there, or anywhere about what you'd like to read about and this monkey is happy to oblige.)  So back to Carly, she asked that I write about cooking a meal (because she's mean and knows that my cooking experience is nil) with all Kenyan ingredients and explain the preparation (i.e. the shopping, cooking, and results).

So, let's begin by lowering your expectations just a bit.  When I say "cooking", I really mean "attempting not to burn down the kitchen while recreating simple recipes".  And by "simple recipes" I actually mean food that a child should be able to make, but under my watch are still not usually successful.  (Think gas stove, open flame, and throw in some underdeveloped cooking skills due to many years of throwing frozen dinners into the microwave.  And sadly, I no longer have access to a microwave.  Oh, the travesty of it all.) 

So, what you are about to encounter won't be delicious or fabulous, if you want to read about *good* food, hit up the baking and food posts over on my friend's page.  Otherwise, this will have to suffice.

Since my friend Brittany arrived I have been staying home and cooking more thanks to her homebody influence.  However, neither of us are excellent cooks and our attempts usually end up edible but not great.  Our first attempt was macaroni and cheese.  And no, it wasn't from a box. 
The most important part of cooking is the appetizers and drinks to keep you going while actually having to take part in the cooking process (i.e. wine). This was particularly bad white wine purchased from Chandarana or some such store.

Blue cheese from Brown's, a small cheese company in Limuru.  You can buy their cheese while partaking in a wine and cheese tasting tour of their factory like we did or from most supermarkets in Nairobi.

We can boil pasta.

More cheese from Brown's. 

Fresh tomatoes are a must in any pasta.  I usually buy my vegetables at the stand down the road from my apartment.  They have better prices than most chain grocery stores.

Spices didn't help much.  I assume these are from Nakumatt or some such store.  They are in the community cabinet of our kitchen.  I know nothing about spices.  We just tossed some on there and hoped for the best.

It was edible...

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