Charming Is as Charming Does

Reason #472 why I don't date: follow through. 

Why is this such a difficult concept for most guys?  The ones I encounter either have too much or not enough.  Usually it's the latter.  Girls are simple.  You boys think we're all tough to figure out and confusing, but usually we're really not.  Disclaimer: I speak for myself here, I'm sure some girls are complicated and mysterious but I just don't have the time or energy to play those games.  What's the point?

There was one guy recently that would.not.stop.calling.  I met said guy out and about and let him buy me a drink.  While other guys I know have lots of charm but zero follow through, this guy was completely the opposite.  He obviously wasn't a complete dud or I wouldn't have spoken to him in the first place, but I definitely wasn't that interested in him in general and definitely not after numerous phone calls.  Dude just did not get the point.  A) Don't call during work hours.  No matter how many times I texted him after his call to say I'm at work; can't talk, he persisted.  If you have something to say between 8-5 sms first.  I would say leave a voicemail but that's pretty much unheard over here; no one wants to use their airtime to leave a message.  B) Don't send sappy texts when you don't know the girl.  You talked to me for 10 minutes; I'm pretty sure you don't remember what my voice sounds like much less miss it.  That's not charming; that's creepy.

So on to those of you out there with no follow through, you know who you are.  You're the charasmatic, outgoing fellow everyone wants to be around.  While too much follow through isn't appealing, neither is repeatedly asking a girl out and never calling to actually plan something.  Be nice.  Be polite.  Be complimentary.  That's great.  You're a nice guy, we get it.  However, you're not actually charming if you just say things to without meaning them; then you're just fake.  Don't throw out invitations if you have no intention of actually calling to follow up at some later date (preferably in the near future).  It just makes you seem disingenious.  So if you're not interested then stop it.  Don't be flirty; just be friendly.