Nakumatt, where have you been all my life?

   Karibu to the joys of Nakumatt.  Furniture, fish heads, cell phones, and pink toilet paper all in one place.  No such luck finding a Swahili-English dictionary though.  Trashy romance novels galore, but no helpful guide to Swahili was to be found.  Instead I’ve taken to entering Swahili words and phrases into my phone so I can slowly but surely memorize them.  Despite this travesty, Nakumatt still stands head and shoulders above the other wannabe superstores for their one great marketing ploy of large, not-at-all tacky, elephant statues outside all of the stores I’ve visited thus far.  This one stands inside Nakumatt Junction.
Don’t worry; I have resisted the urge to ride one thus far, despite urging from my coworkers this evening. 

Swahili words of the day:
Karibu- welcome
Nakumatt- Kenya’s answer to Walmart

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  1. I don't know how you resisted! I expect a pic of you on the elephant in your next post ;)