Breaking News Alert: Southern Sudan to meet Captain Awesome

Captain Awesome will travel to Southern Sudan in the upcoming weeks to rescue babies, stop speeding bullets, and spread general awesomeness wherever she may go.  Ah, so are the facts of life for an international superhero. 

I will be in Juba beginning Monday, 3/22, getting to know the city and meeting people while others in my group attend the Church Leaders Forum.  After the conference concludes I will travel to Yei to visit the Christian Leadership Institute of Sudan before returning to Nairobi.

For those of you unaware, Sudan's presidential elections are approaching in April.  It's the first multi-party ballot in 24 years since the sitting president, Omar Hassan Al Bashir, overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister in 1989.  However, with his campaign of intimidation and violence escalating, and now a key opponent murdered, the chances of an unbiased election are growing slim.  Read more here:

Two Sudanese newspapers questioned over insults to president Bashir
South Sudan Journalists Facing Intimidation Before Election
Political motive seen in Sudan murder - police
Sudan: Ahead of Crucial Elections

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