Dating Dos and Don'ts: Take 2

So I recently read a blog from a woman who said that if a guy who is chatting up a woman has a significant other then they should take the responsibility to tell the chatee within 30 minutes.  As someone who has spent entire evenings having nice conversation with gentlemen who proceed to flirt shamelessly but don't have any follow through I agree this is just the courteous thing to do.  This is not to say that I wouldn't continue having an interesting conversation with said gentleman and am not even saying that it's not ok to be a flirt (as I'm usually attracted to guys who are more outgoing and flirtatious), but I do agree that it's in everyone's best interest to casually mention a girlfriend in the conversation.  It doesn't have to be an awkward, "So, you know, I have a girlfriend" type thing.  It could just be "Oh, yeah I really liked XYZ, I saw/did that/went there with my girlfriend."  I'm certain that the girlfriend at home would greatly appreciate her existence being made known.  As someone who experienced this occurrence rather recently, let's call him Nne Macho, it would have been nice to know that despite his flirtation and nonstop attentions he actually had a girlfriend.  I would have been happy to conversate with this friend of a friend despite this fact, but would appreciate knowing that it had no potential to go anywhere.

I brought this idea up to a guy friend and he said sharing this information was in no one's interest.  His point was that the guy is trying to scope out potential replacements and why spoil it by mentioning that he's already taken.  Typical.  So guys, what do you think?  If you are taken do you casually mention it to someone you meet out or do you just conversate with no thought to your significant other at home and oblivious to the impression you're giving the girl you're chatting up?  Girls, what are your thoughts?  Would you rather be told up front that a guy is taken?  Do you think this is a Kenyan phenomenon or is it prevalent everywhere?


  1. I dont know any guy who would tell within 30 mins that he was taken.
    Most see themselves as a gift to the 'woman race' and admitting quickly would remove him as a gift... so he is only doing the lady a favour, how about she gets to dream about him that night and be happy.. if he tells her quickly then he removes the opportunity for her to wait for his call... may or may not call.... another reason would be that he is modest... he does not want to seem like he is bragging..he is afraid that he would mention he has a GF and the girl he is talking/flirting with would respond..'who cares, are you the first to have one' his ego is fragile and wants to be seen as humble.... *take comments with heavy laden sarcasm*