I Have Turned Into a Mush-brained Zombie

I used to be one of those expats who kept up with the news not only in the country I was living and/or working in, but also kept my ear to the ground about issues pertaining to my home country.  I got google alerts, checked Al Jazeera and All Africa, and actually read my New York Times updates rather than just skimming the headlines before deleting.  What happened?  Now I read chick lit and prefer not to contemplate the debt crisis America is facing.  Is it that I don't care anymore?  I don't think it's that; I am about to start a new job taking testimonies of refugees and writing case histories in order to help them get resettled in the States.  I do still care about human rights issues; I am just not motivated to read or hear about it at the moment.  Am I burnt out from too much genocide literature and in some sort of post-graduation rebellion stage?  Or am I turning into one of those people who lives in a bubble, oblivious to the issues around me?  Dear God, I hope not.  How do you combat boredom with current affairs?  I need suggestions to get me out of my self-imposed media exile.

Update at 12:51 pm:  This is what I spend my time looking at instead of reading about important things:
 Catbeard entertainment provided courtesy of Jonathan
 Don't judge me:

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