Ethiopia! I'm ready for our love affair.

Have you ever walked into a place so different but so familiar at the same time?  Ethiopia reminds me of many countries I have visited throughout Africa but the one thing that struck me was the one thing that was so much like home.  What was this, you ask?  Left hand drive on the right side of the road.  It has only been a year since I've last been home and driven around the States but for some reason it was completely disconcerting to me to have the driver sitting on the left and driving on the right.  Call me crazy but that's what stuck with me upon arrival to Ethiopia. 

I spent one short night in Addis Ababa upon arrival so I did not get a chance to explore Ethiopia's most well-known city.  Fortunately I'll have another chance to explore the city on my way to Shire in a couple of weeks.  Early the next morning we headed out to the 2nd largest city in Ethiopia, Dire Dawa.  We have been here about 4 days and I have been fairly lazy about getting out and about.  We hit up the pool bar at our hotel the first couple nights and then tried out a restaurant at another nearby hotel.  Tonight we hit up a local Ethiopian joint and had some delicious njera and shiro.  I could eat this all day every day. 

5 days down, 3 1/2 weeks to go.  Bring it, Ethiopia!

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