Overdue: Pics from Nairobi

Life isn't always glamorous as an expat, but it's not all being stuck in the field wishing for home either.  Here's some pics from June - early October (the longest amount of time I've been in the country since I took my current job) when I was working in the office or seconded to UNHCR Nairobi.  I traveled with friends, I blogged a few times, I cooked some, but mostly I watched trashy reality shows on E! while writing refugees' persecution histories, explaining why they should be recommended for resettlement.  The fact I only have so few to share also tells me I need to be taking more photographic evidence of my life in Nairobi.  Here's some I did manage to snap along the way:

6.22.12 Hell's Gate

6.23.12 Boat cruise on Navaisha
7.7.12 Celebrating 32

8.4.12 Drive to Castle Forest Lodge- my camera battery died upon arrival so this is all I got...

9.8.12 UNHCR colleague's wedding

9.16.12 Hosted an Amani ya Juu fundraiser

10.6.12 Lounged at the country club

10.13.12 R&R in Diani