Impending Departure

Less than three weeks and counting until I once again leave for Kenya.  I head back on January 10th and barring any weather delays am hopeful to arrive in Nairobi on the evening of the 11th.  Now to decide what fun things to cram in to my final weeks home:

. Celebrate Christmas with the fam
. Party it up with friends on New Years Eve
. Eat copious amounts of Tex Mex
. Finish my final paper
. Pack up everything for the second time in less than a year
. Veg with the cats

Suggestions welcome!


  1. Enjoy your trip to beautiful Kenya. I just stumbled on your blog on google, made me homesick.

  2. Thanks Stiletto Assassin! Once I'm back on the ground in Nairobi I'll be posting more about Kenya and my time there. What part of Kenya are you from?