Rediscovering Kenya

I know I've been completely lame this year about blogging and I could use my hectic travel schedule as an excuse but I've been seconded to UNHCR Nairobi for a good month and a half now and I'm not doing any better on the writing front.  Granted they are definitely keeping me busy and while I'm happy to be in the same city as my friends for an extended period of time there is definitely not as much free time as one would expect.  Not that I'm complaining; I actually enjoy having work to do in the office and am not upset that this means a bit of after hours work during my weeknights and weekends.

That said, I think Nairobi has lost a bit of it's shine too, giving me less to write about as I am not one to use my blog as a ventfest.  While yes, I could write about the daily grind of matatu chicken and the guessing game of constantly changing roads, that's not really my style.  Therefore my goal is to try to reclaim that happy shiny feeling that Kenya gives so many people.  Granted, most of those people live in a bubble that doesn't involve torture stories and revolves around expat-centric Westlands or Gigiri, but still; I know the shininess is there, lurking somewhere just beneath the surface, and I'm determined to find it again.

Step one: I went to Castle Forest Lodge, a colonial weekend retreat near Mount Kenya, where elephants are known to traipse through the forest and past the bandas in the evenings.  It was scenic and relaxing.  I spent most of my time lounging by the fire reading and catching up with friends.  Then we spent Sunday in Nyeri getting massaged and relaxing in the steam room and sauna at Green Spa.  The sheen has brightened a bit.

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