What to do in a power outage

Well, first off, get an apartment that has a generator.  Or if you're Curry Delight, invest in a lot of rechargeable battery lamps and candles and let the good times roll.

1. Make sure your laptop battery is charged so even if you can't access the wireless you can plug up your dongle for some internet fun.  Or you can get a couple of hours of movie/tv watching in, depending on how long your computer battery lasts.

2. Keep a fully stocked bar.  Nothing says power outage like drinking a bottle of white wine before it gets warm or having a couple of glasses of scotch on the rocks before the ice melts.

3. If you're already in the shower, pray that your hot water heater pre-heats the tank and isn't heating the water as it comes out the tap. Doing your make up in the mirror by candle light makes you a better person.  Did I mention the perks of a fully stocked bar?

4. Keep a plethora of books on hand.  Flashback to childhood and read under your blanket with a flashlight after lights out. 

5. Order in.  Dinner under the stars is romantic and a much safer option than attempting to cook on the gas top stove in the dark. 

6. Board games!  I've yet to convince anyone to join in the fun with me.  I think my cardboard Kenyan Monopoly doesn't necessarily transcend the cultural divide with Curry Delight.  He just looks at me like I'm crazy when I point out that the backside is also a chess board.  Woo.

7. Tough it out at your favorite bar when the goin gets rough.  Hellllllo, Brew Bistro!

What fun things do you do when the lights go out?  As in good, clean fun, people.

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